Our very own clinic director, Daryl Williams, PT, was named on Business First Louisville’s 2022 Healthcare Heros list in the front-line heros category. Read on below for his interview!

‘HEALTH CARE HEROES: Daryl Williams’

Daryl Williams

Clinic director and physical therapist, ProRehab Physical Therapy

Category: Front-line heroes

Years in the industry: 9

Years in current job: 9

Hobbies: Aspiring to be a well-rounded girl dad

Favorite TV show, movie or book about the medical field: “The Resident”

Describe your job and your responsibilities.

I am a doctoral-trained physical therapist and clinic director for ProRehab Physical Therapy, a member of the Confluent Health Family. I manage a team of 18 and serve as a hands-on manager in patient care and directing clinical excellence within our Highlands clinic — ProRehab’s busiest clinic in the Louisville community.

My team and I manage thousands of patients visiting each year and I drive staff development on both the leadership and clinical side.

I am also a board-certified sports physical therapy specialist, leading the management of sports medicine care over the entire ProRehab footprint. Additionally, I serve as the direct liaison for Bellarmine Athletics, Louisville Collegiate School and St. Francis High School.

Tell us about a major professional accomplishment over the past year.

Tell us about a major professional accomplishment over the past year. Post-Covid is the health condition that will shape the next decade. I have led ProRehab’s response to the needs of the Louisville community who are suffering far-reaching effects by formalizing and facilitating a standardized post-Covid PT program across all ProRehab clinics, offering free post-Covid PT screens for patients struggling with long-hauler symptoms.

Often, the goal is to improve the movement to make breathing easier and help restore function through gradual exposure to cardio. Another common goal is improved strength and endurance via a supervised exercise program. I devised strategies for patients as young as 15 to ensure they mitigate their symptoms and get back to their normal selves.

All in all, I help my front-line clinicians by reinforcing a common mission: Our patients are not alone and that PT is a critical part of the solution to enjoying life once again.

I also serve as a clinical mentor for 30+ ProRehab PTs across Louisville, Kentucky and Indiana in assuring proper approach to evaluation, testing and management of patients with post-Covid syndrome.

To you, what makes someone a health care hero?

A person who possesses selflessness and understands the sacrifice needed. Someone who still has the urge to serve during a time of uncertainty is defining a pillar of what makes a health care hero. That person also puts aside his/her own personal beliefs for the greater good to take care of people who need it most.

Lastly, a health care hero is a servant who commits to quality patient care within his/her community.

What’s the biggest misconception about working in the health care field?

That we do it for the money — ha! But on a serious note, on the front lines, our front-line heroes are not the highest-paid workers, they are individuals who chose to serve and are passionate about caring for their community.  Another misconception is that work must come home with you so you can always be available to your patients in a time of need, i.e.: phone calls outside of work hours. One final misconception is that once you finish school and your residency, your learning is complete. The truth is people who work in health care have a commitment to continuing their education in and out of the clinic. We are always learning and staying current with evidence-based practice.

What advancement in health care are you most looking forward to?

Like many health care professionals, if I could wave a wand, I would ask for a way to automate notes and administrative tasks so I can prioritize more face time with patients.

What have you learned the most or what has stuck with you in working through the Covid-19 pandemic?

I’ve learned to appreciate the value of teamwork and collaboration. I’ve also learned just how many of my teammates continuously focus on the greater good of the patient. Even if that includes helping other clinics when a provider is down/out with Covid themselves.

We are always prioritizing patient care.

What makes you hopeful about the future of health care in our community?

The collaboration between different medical providers in providing a more holistic approach to patient care. Orthopedics and PTs have strengthened our patient care. For example, when elective surgeries were postponed, the relationship improved with the common goal of helping patients no matter what.

I’m also hopeful that we will learn to identify when mental health providers need to be brought in as a result of isolation during Covid.


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